About Gypsy Gardener

Gypsy Gardener, One Woman’s Journey through California

There are some times when it is necessary to move on.  This is a story about one such time in the life of a middle-aged woman living comfortably in her California home.  Uprooted by the Recession she hits the road with her husband and two pets and goes gypsying. This memoir takes you through the times ahead— some are funny, some are sad— it lets you see the places she saw through her eyes and offers up practical tips on living in a small vehicle on the road, while keeping her husband and pets happy.

Gypsy Gardener is a Travel Memoir written to share my experiences at an important juncture in my life’s adventure. My hope is that you will enjoy reading about my journey as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.

Gypsy Gardener: A California Travel Memoir will be available in e-book form via Amazon’s Kindle. Release date to be announced soon. Please notify me if you are looking for a soft-cover copy. Thank you~

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