Footsteps of Seagulls

I found myself mesmerized by the undulating sand dunes, which at different times of day would make deep shadows, while in early morning would reveal the footsteps of seagulls… This was another world, a world one could get lost in. It took millions of years to make the dunes we see here today. Sands were carried down from rivers, deposited by ocean currents, and shaped by the winds over time…

Footsteps of Seagulls
Pismo Beach / Oceano Dunes, California

Gypsy Gardener, One Woman’s Journey through California

There are some times when it is necessary to move on.  This is a story about one such time in the life of a middle-aged woman living comfortably in her California home.  Uprooted by the Recession she hits the road with her husband and two pets and goes gypsying. This memoir takes you through the times ahead— some are funny, some are sad— it lets you see the places she saw through her eyes and offers up practical tips on living in a small vehicle on the road, while keeping her husband and pets happy.

Gypsy Gardener is a Travel Memoir written to share my experiences at an important juncture in my life’s adventure. My hope is that you will enjoy reading about my journey as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.

Gypsy Gardener: A California Travel Memoir will be available in e-book form via Amazon’s Kindle. Release date to be announced soon. Please notify me if you are looking for a soft-cover copy. Thank you~

11/5/12: Percolator vs. Mr. Coffee

A Coastal Treat-1 DSC_0859-500x331
Seagulls on California’s Central Coast, Photo by Kathy Vilim

One of the best things I bought for the kitchen was a percolator… A simple aluminum pot that, it turns out, makes the richest, mellowest pot of coffee day after day on our simple 2-burner propane stove.  We started out with a Mr. Coffee; I had always used a drip coffeemaker in my home in Topanga Canyon. (I especially liked how you could set the alarm to auto start for anytime in the morning you desired.) In the camper, this was not necessary at all.  I wonder how long it would have taken to realize it, had the ocean not told us early on!

You see, we were camped at the beach one day… on the Oceano Dunes, where vehicles are allowed to drive on the sand, right at the water’s edge and made camp overnight. My husband decided to take a bunch of stuff out of the camper to ‘fen shui” and make a barrier to any blowing sand at the same time. That night, about midnight, I thought I heard water washing up below our vehicle!  In the morning he got up before me (as always) and called, “Hey honey…” I knew what that meant.  I jumped right up and joined him to “look and see.” Low and behold, there were the waves! They’d come right up to the van at high tide.  “Look, there’s Mr. Coffee!” Argh… husband’s job to go after it and drag it back, wrestling it from the clutches of the fast-moving surf!  Wet and sandy, we surveyed the situation: time for a new coffee maker.

After rescuing the coffeemaker, I found I had to visit the porta potties planted in the sand not far away. The sun had just come up over the mountains, and seagulls began to gather at the shore. The morning being excellent weather, I trudged over to the porta potties in my pink bathrobe. Seagulls escorted me, wondering what on earth I was doing out there walking with them when everyone else had… gone! We were all alone on the beach at sunrise… so cool!